Now the ultimate thing of obesity I’ve seen is laziness. I mean it. We are, as a country, getting lazier every day. It’s not just about diet, it’s about the lack of exercise. I’ll admit I’ve gotten lazier since getting a desk job. When I was in a waitressing position, I was always on my feet and I was skinny. I don’t go to certain extremes, but it’s resulted in about 10 pounds weight gain, which makes a big difference! This being said, there are some people who go to greater levels than me, and then you see why they tend to be overweight as opposed to their neighbors who do not. For example, I’ve seen people who take the escalator to the gym. The whole point of going to the gym is to exercise! So what exactly are you doing. Moreover, there have been people I’ve lived by who literally speaking would get in their car and drive to go next door. I mean if you live in an extremely dangerous neighborhood where getting in and out only in garages is necessary, I can see this. I can definitely see this. But the chances of you living in this kind of neighborhood are slim to none. I know I haven’t. But seriously, it’s this kind of laziness, like freaking out when you don’t have the remote because you actually have to get up to change the channel that is leading in part to even greater levels of national obesity.

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